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Published on 31 January 2023


In recent years, logistics has been rapidly developing in the technological direction and robotics.

According to a DHL report*, logistics companies will diversify their supply chains and greatly reduce CO² emissions by increasingly using alternative energy sources and automating logistics processes.

The use of mobile robots and drones is particularly common in robotization in warehouses and production halls.

These enable precise product tracking, as well as controls and inventories. Drones will find increasing use in warehouses, including when transporting goods by air. More and more logistics companies are implementing IT solutions, such as ERP, WMS or TMS systems for managing business processes in all areas.

One of these solutions is the ABONA ERP system.

The ABONA-ERP system can be easily adapted to the processes of a transport company because it has advanced module upgrades for managing transports, supply chains, load and fleet management, real-time control, telematics, warehouse management, e-shop management, and integration with a handheld scanner to read barcodes, QR codes, etc.

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* Report DHL Logistics Trend Radar