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Published on 03 August 2022

Driver-App - an application that makes live fleet management a child's play

Driver-App - an application that makes live fleet management a child's play

Just a few businesses are as capricious as logistics. Even during the best-planned route, there can be a multitude of elements that will require us to react in Real Time. Traffic jams, accidents, damage to goods, sudden changes in road traffic, congestion in processes, or sudden health problems of the driver. Not to mention the sheer volume of documents that will be needed at the various stages of the route. Fortunately, in the 21st century, thanks to mobile devices, we are no longer doomed to be nervous waiting for information and acting after the fact.

To meet the expectations of the market and our customers, we decided to create something that will solve the problem with fleet management on the road once and for all. Meet the Driver-App!

Fleet management can be easy

Our goal was to collect all the complicated things that occur during the planning and execution of orders, simplify them as much as possible, and put them into one functional application. This is how the Driver-App was born. The application contains a lot of functions that won't only improve transport but also make it safer - you will end up hanging on the phone while driving the truck, thanks to the Driver-App we can do everything with a few clicks.

Thanks to the Driver-App, you can manage orders during their execution. We assign orders directly to the vehicle, which will allow you to easily sort all active processes. The Driver-App is integrated with maps and GPS, so you always know where the vehicle is currently located, where it is going, whether there are any delays on the road, what is the order status, what is the estimated date of entry to the order port - Tracking your journeys has never been easier!

The whole process is presented very clearly. Each order is divided into checkpoints. For example, when the vehicle reaches the first point and unloads, the carrier marks it off in the application, and voilà - the message is immediately displayed in our application. The driver is accounted for the given goods, and we have confirmation that the transport has reached its destination - GREAT SUCCESS!

Simplicity is the key to success

Now we will show you how easy it is to execute orders with the Driver-App:

1. The dispatcher enters the order data into the ABONA ERP system. He sets the purpose of the order, assigns appropriate drivers to trucks, and does the same with the goods. Sets time and checkpoints. All this data will be stored in the ABONA ERP and Driver-App systems, so you will never again encounter a situation where an important document related to order has somehow been lost among hundreds of other papers.

2. Due to the synchronization with the ABONA ERP system, all data appears immediately in the Driver-App and is translated into a clear and transparent application interface.

3. The driver gets all the information before setting off on the road. He knows exactly what to transport, to what place, at what time - all he has to do is go on tour!

4. During the route, the dispatcher can see the current status of the order. He knows where the truck is, which goods have already been delivered and which goods will only reach their destination. The driver marks the consecutive completed stages in a very simple way. Thanks to the application, he can send the necessary documents at any time, and these will be immediately implemented in the ERP system.

5. After completing the order, all you need to do is mark it in the application, that's it!

These are just a few of the features of the Driver-App - write to us and make an appointment to start the test period.
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