Published on 04 March 2022

Future updates in ABONA ERP 2022

Technologies are moving forward confidently and quickly. We present you with the release of all updates in ABONA ERP, which will be available in 2022.

HR Mobile Apps

Update in the HR module.

A mobile application that allows managers to access employees ' data, monitor the schedule of vacations, sick leave, and absence of employees. This automated process in a smartphone is created not only for senior positions but for all employees of the enterprise. The main advantage of HR Mobile Apps is to solve all personal issues in a short time in the mobile app and unload the HR manager.

Shipment and Tour Planning

Update in Forwarding Agent module.

Cargo coordination and cooperation with partners around the world. This module works similarly as a transport and cargo micro-exchange. The user makes an order in a few minutes and uploads all the necessary data to the system. The system will offer a tour and data for contacting the partner directly. The shipping and tour Planning user always has access to delivery documents and reports.

Track and Trace Platform

This platform is designed to track the stages of cargo order fulfillment in real-time. You can also track cars with up-to-date information about them and their image on the map using GPS coordinates. When you change the order status or information, you receive a notification that the order data has been changed, and all data is updated automatically.
The user has access to a map with a list of all their vehicles with additional information, namely - past and future orders, past and future loading/unloading points, graphs with statistics of data about cars, information on the map about the distance traveled for previous days, CRM documents.

Automated Reporting Service

Updating Dashboards

ABONA ERP users can configure access to all data. For example, you can select individual recipients. A person who will have private access to the created report, dashboard, and so on.
 The next option is to automatically send emails to all users who log in to the created report. The manager can also provide shared or partial access to information related to individual employees.

Warehouse Management

Updating in the warehouse module

The ABONA ERP user in the warehouse module monitors inventory indicators and automatically determines the storage locations of products. These speed up warehouse operations by automating and using gadgets to read barcodes when processing orders. Automation relieves warehouse workers from their daily work and coordinates staff actions. Now you can create products for ordering, as well as general requests to the supplier in ABONA-ERP. As part of the updated warehouse module, we added the ability to process general information about the warehouse, or individual storage cells.

Shopware 6 Order Management

Abona-ERP has developed a new interface based on Shopware V6. Maintenance of products is carried out exclusively in ABONA. When you upload existing products later, they are updated in the online store, which allows you to halve the service time for products that will be displayed in the online store. The user automatically receives information about the product (description, price, etc.).
ABONA ERP reduces labor costs and eliminates the possibility of errors when entering data into the system. The service settings allow you to inform the customer about the order status by sending messages to your email address.

Driver App

Updating the mobile app for drivers

ABONA ERP has developed an updated interface for the mobile app. This is an application for communicating with the driver.
 Drivers receive tasks on their smartphones/tablets.

  1. All driver tasks are grouped into the "run" and "completed" sections.
  2. Information about the number of tasks is displayed next to each section.
  3. Display each task:
    • "Still Active"
    • "Order number"
    • "End time"

 In each task, at each stage of its execution, you can add the reason for the delay, as well as attach documents and photos.

GiroPay QR

The Giropay QR code is placed on the invoice printouts. This gives the invoice recipient the opportunity to make payments more easily and quickly.
With this Giro code, transfers can be made using the banking app on your mobile phone, scanning the Giro code, and confirming the transfer data, which is then displayed on your mobile phone. Eliminates the need for manual data entry, as well as the risk of entering incorrect data (for example, due to a typo).